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Directory Listings

Featured Listings

Guru Studio
110 Spadina Ave., Suite 500
Toronto ON, M5V 2K4
Frank Falcone, Creative Director
Amy Robson, Senior Producer
Tanya Beach , Studio Coordinator
Mr. X Inc.
35 McCaul Street
Suite 100
Toronto ON, M5T 1V7
Dennis Berardi
Sarah McMurdo
General Inquiries
Mr. X is a digital studio specializing in feature film animation and visual effects. We collaborate with filmmakers from pre-production through post. Visit our website for more information about credits and current projects.

Basic Listings

AXS Studio
T: 416-603-7777
Beevision & Hive Productions Inc.
T: 416-868-1700
Big Studio Inc
T: 416-351-7070
Boardrooms, The
T: 416-519-6252
C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
T: 416-599-2673
Chelsea Road Productions Inc.
T: 905-336-9556
Chorus Entertainment
T: 416-479-7000
Chuck Gammage Animation
T: 905-522-2508
Deluxe Entertainment
T: 416-364-4321
Digimata Computer Animation
T: 416-462-3388
T: 416-305-9460
Elliott Animation Inc
T: 416-588-6364
Extreme Reach
T: 416-778-6852
Flickering Image
T: 613-546-7614
Guru Studio
T: 416-599-4878
Head Gear Animation
T: 416-408-2020
House of Cool
T: 416-591-6500
House of Cool Inc
T: 416-591-6500
Industrial Pixel Visual Effects Co
T: 888-623-4462
Invisible Pictures Inc.
T: 416 532 8811
Keep It In The Family Productions
T: 416-539-9989
Keyframe Digital Productions Inc
T: 905-988-6440
Krislin Elliott Digital Inc.
T: 416-588-6364
Laer Digital Works
T: 416-260-9487
Leaping Raster Inc.
T: 613-236-4757
Loop Media Inc.
T: 416-595-6496
Lucine Animation
T: 647-992-8155
Meld Media
T: 416-588-6353
Mike Efford Motion Design
T: 416-763-7290
Neezo Renderd Inc.
T: 905-306-3437
Redlab Commercial
T: 416-306-6400
Smiley Guy Studios Inc.
T: 416-979-2227
T: 416-345-1936
Spin VFX
T: 416-504-8333
Studio Upstairs, The
T: 416-979-8983
Tango Media Group
T: 416-204-6269
The Juggernaut
T: 416-306-0303
T: 416-971-7711
Twisted Frame Production
T: 416 619 1116

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